Ace Payroll

Ace Payroll is one of New Zealand's most widely used payroll programs and is very easy to use.

Ace Payroll enables you to import your payroll into your bank account using internet banking.  Enjoy the ability to upload your IR345 and IR348 direct to the Inland Revenue Department eliminating the need to remember to send your paper forms off by the 20th of the month.

Ace Payroll enables you to track holiday and sick leave.  You can set up your own deductions and allowances and keep track of court fines and IRD penalties for employees as well as ensuring that these deductions get paid in a timely manner. 

Kiwisaver contributions happen automatically with the ability to change the contribution rate for each employee.  Ace payroll also tracks Employer Kiwisaver Contributions and the appropriate ESCT rate. 

For Technical Support call us on 027 274 7088, Ace Payroll on 0800 223 729 or click here

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